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2 ITS- Initial Training School (RCAF) ( 3)

Pilot and Air Observer candidates began their 26- or 28-week training program with four weeks at an Initial Training School (ITS).They studied theoretical subjects and were subjected to a variety of tests. Theoretical studies included navigation, theory of flight, meteorology, duties of an officer, air force administration, algebra, and trigonometry. Tests included an interview with a psychiatrist, the 4 hour long M2 physical examination, a session in a decompression chamber, and a "test flight" in a Link Trainer as well as academics. At the end of the course the postings were announced. Occasionally candidates were re-routed to the Wireless Air Gunner stream at the end of ITS

Regina College & Regina Normal School

The Normal School operated until 1940, when it was taken over by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The facility was used for military training until the end of World War II.

More information on the RCAF Station at Regina can be found at:

RCAF Roundel RCAF.Info - RCAF Station Regina SK

1941-01-01 Primary Location Regina SK Canada

Aircraftman 2nd Class
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aircraftman 2nd Class
Dauphin, Manitoba
Aircraftman 1st Class
Carnduff, Saskatchewan

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