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1 AGTS- Airman Graduate Training School (RCAF) ( 0)

The Aircrew Graduates Training School (AGTS) was established in January 1944 and was usually the last stop for aircrew prior to transfer to operational units overseas. The instructors were normally issued from the ranks of the Army.

Aircrew graduates spent 3 weeks learning survival and evasion techniques that would prove useful if shot down behind enemy lines. The training included self defence, living off the land, evasion techniques and ground navigation.

General Photos from NO4 AGTS Vallyfield PQ

NO4 AGTS Valleyfield

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RCAF Roundel - RCAF Station Maitland Nova Scotia

General racing%2C%20and%20the%20gunnery%20backstop., Discovering Maitland History

1944-01-31 Primary Location Maitland N.S. Canada Abandoned still visible on satellite imagery.

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