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Baum, Francis William  'Vic' (Sergeant)

Prisoner of War 1942-06-15

Male Head


69 (BR) Sqn- Squadron (RAF)
With Vigilance We Serve
Luqa Airfield, Malta
Air Chief MarshalA/C/M
Air MarshalA/M
Air Vice MarshalA/V/M
Air CommodoreA/C
Group CaptainG/C
Wing CommanderW/C
Squadron LeaderS/L
Flight LieutenantF/L
Flying OfficerF/O
Pilot OfficerP/O
Warrant Officer 1st ClassWO1
Warrant Officer 2nd ClassWO2
Flight SergeantFS
Senior AircraftmanSAC
Leading AircraftmanLAC
Aircraftman 1st ClassAC1
Aircraftman 2nd ClassAC2
Service Numbers

Baltimore Mk. I AG699

Reconnaissance 1942-June-15 to 1942-June-15

69 Squadron RAF (With vigilance we serve), Luqa, Malta. Baltimore I aircraft was lost on a reconnaissance mission to the island of Pantelleria, crashing off coast of the Italian island of Linosa, 1942-06-15, cause unknown

Pilot, Flight Sergeant A Greaves (RAAF) was killed in action

Sergeant W E Fincham (RCAF), Sergeant F W Baum (RAFVR) and Sergeant R T Purslow (RAFVR) survived and were taken as Prisoners of War

Sergeant Purslow died 1943-12-17 as a Prisoner of War in a camp in Germany

The wreckage of this aircraft was located in 2016 as part of a seabed mapping and habitat monitoring project and filmed using a remotely controlled vehicle (ROV). In 2022, Italian divers returned to the site to document and confirm the identity of the well preserved wreck

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Aircraft took off at 12.45am from Luqa airport on Malta to observe the naval traffic in the area around the Pantelleria island.

The wreck, of the aircraft lies 500 metres off the Italian island of Linosa and was discovered in 2016, 85 metres below the waters surface.

Killed: F/Sgt Alick Greaves RAF KIA Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery grave 17. A. 12. Tunisia. Sgt Robert Tettrell Purslow RAF KIA Klagenfurt War Cemetery grave 8. B. 3. Austria.

POWs: Sgt Francis William Baum RAF POW Stalag 18A Wolfsberg (Karnton) Austria. Sgt William Edward Fincham RCAF R/77413 Stalag Luft L6 Heydekrug.

General frameset

Crew on Baltimore Mk. I AG699

Martin Baltimore

A Royal Air Force Martin Baltimore IV/V bomber. Most aircraft were delivered to Commonwealth countries, a few were kept in the U.S. under the USAAF designation A-30.
USAAF - Official U.S. Air Force photo 051122-F-1234P-023

The Martin 187 Baltimore was a twin-engined light attack bomber built by the Glenn L. Martin Company in the United States as the A-30. The model was originally ordered by the French in May 1940 as a follow-up to the earlier Martin Maryland, then in service in France. With the fall of France, the production series was diverted to Great Britain and after mid-1941, supplied by the U.S. as Lend Lease equipment.

Development of the Baltimore was hindered by a series of problems, although the type eventually became a versatile combat aircraft. Produced in large numbers, the Baltimore was not used operationally by United States armed forces but eventually served with the British, Canadian, Australian, South African, Hellenic and the Italian air forces. it was subsequently used almost exclusively in the Mediterranean and Middle East theatre of World War II. Wikipedia

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Baltimore Mk. I AG699

69 (BR) Sqn- Squadron (RAF) With Vigilance We Serve

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