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Crabb, Earl Frederick DFC (Major, USAAF, WWII)

Survived 1918-July-03

Male Head

Birth Date: unkown date (age 87)

Born: Delhi, Ontario

B. R. F. Crabb & Annie May Lea

Thelma Crabb

Home: Tamarack, Florida, USA

Decorations: DFC

Distinguished Service Cross
92 (F) Sqn- Squadron (RAF)
Aut Pugna Aut Morere (Either fight or die)
Lieutenant, RAF WWI
Service Numbers
Crabb went to France with 92 Squadron in July 1918. Flying the SE5a he brought down six enemy aircraft. When the war ended, he took his discharge but continued to fly. During the roaring 20s he barnstormed and flew mail and newspapers from Boston and New York to Detroit. In the early 1930's, he was the first pilot hired by the Forest Service in Maine. During World War II, he returned to uniform, serving with the U.S. Army Air Corps as a Service Pilot and Air Inspector in Training Command. Major Crabb was discharged in August 1945 and returned to his civilian job in Maine. At age 65, he retired from his position as Chief Pilot with the Forest Service but continued to work as a commercial pilot until he was 72 years old

92 (F) Sqn- Squadron (RAF) Aut Pugna Aut Morere

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