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Airbus (EADS Cassidian) DO-DT45 Hornet

A view of the DO-DT45 drone similar to the Meggitt Training Systems Hornet target drone employed in Canadian service. Recovery of the drones is achieved with parachutes. (CF Photo courtesy of EADS)

The Cassidian (EADS) DO-DT45 aerial target drone is a cost-efficient, high speed, sea skimming, direct kill target for inte- grated air defence training scenarios. In Canada, the drone is manufactured and operated by Meggit Training Systems Inc. The target drone has two jet propulsion systems that ensure a constant infrared signature. It was designed for intensive use, is easy to operate and to maintain, and is also suitable for all weather missions. The standard radar target, DO-DT45/R, can be equipped with up to 3 radar repeaters: D-Band, E/F- Band, G-Band, I-Band or J-Band. This target drone has been used by the Canadian Forces for a variety of training purposes.

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