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Fulmar (Canadian: 2 )

Fairey Fulmar

Fairey Fulmar Mk II N4062
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Developed from the P.4/34 specification Fairey two seat light bomber, the FULMAR was created to satisfy the Royal Navy requirement for a two seat carrier borne fighter. A float plane version was designed but never built and plans for the Danish Navy to produce them under licence also halted with the outbreak of World War II.

The name FULMAR was decided in 1938 but not referred to publicly until the type entered service in 1940.

FULMAR aircraft first saw active service in September 1940, against the Italian airforce, in defence of the Malta Convoys, claiming 10 Italian bomber aircraft by the end of October.

FULMAR aircraft were used by 20 Fleet Air Arm Squadrons acting as support air cover in many key areas of World War II, such as Taranto, Petsamo, Russian convoys, North Africa, Italy and shadowing the German battleship Bismarck.

The FAIREY FULMAR was also used successfully for night intruder operations and night fighter training Fleet Air Arm Museum


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Fulmar N1865


Known Squadron Assignments: 806 FAA

last update: 2024-March-05
1941-May-10 KIA RN FAA Lieutenant (Acting) Philip Sinclair Touchbourne MiD 2021-06-03

Fulmar X8747


Known Squadron Assignments: 809 FAA

last update: 2024-March-05
1942-August-07 KIA RN FAA Leading Airman James Frederick Elson 2021-05-16

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