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Vista (Canadian: 2 )

Canadian Vickers Vista

Source: Harold A Skaarup Web Page (RCAF Photo courtesy of the Shearwater Aviation Museum)
Canadian Vickers Vista, RCAF Reg. No. G-CYZZ, 31 Oct 1928

The Vista was the first Canadian-designed monoplane. It had a duralumin sheet hull and the tail was made of framed metal tubing. The wings were made of wood and the wing and tail surfaces were fabric. The design proved to have some undesirable traits. Since the RCAF chose the de Havilland DH.60 Moth, only one Vista was ever built. Once the prototype was completed, the production order was cancelled. After testing the airframe, the aircraft was shipped to the (RCAF) Air Station at (Jericho Beach), Vancouver in September 1930, where it was used for taxiing practice. When not being used it was moored out to test the effects of salt water on its duralumin hull. By 1931 the corrosion on the hull was bad enough that it was recommended for scrapping and this was done in May of that year. Wikipedia

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Vista G‑CYZY

 CV 43

Known Squadron Assignments:

Registration reserved, order cancelled before aircraft was built. last update: 2024-February-19
📙 JA Griffin (2005:Smith, Castle): 1968 200

Vista G‑CYZZ

 CV 42?

Known Squadron Assignments:

Delivered to RCAF Rockcliffe on 1 November 1927, 5 forced landings en route due to fuel contamination. Taken on strength 9 November 1927. Only Vista built, although a second was ordered. Used for taxi training at seaplane school, RCAF Jericho Beach, B.C. with part of wing covering removed, from September 1930. According to RCAF legend, became airborne at least once in this configuration. Always moored in water, to test duraluminum hull - first duraluminum hull/fuselage built in Canada. last update: 2024-February-19
   1927-October-27 First Flight First flight from St. Lawrence River by S/L Grandy 2019-08-20
   1927-November-09 Taken on Strength 2022-02-07
   1931-May-04 Scrapped Scrapped due to hull corrosion. 2019-08-20
   1931-May-04 Struck off Strength 2022-02-07
📙 JA Griffin (2005:Smith, Castle): 1968 200

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