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Vickers Vincent

Source: BAE Systems Heritage (Ron Smith)
An air-to-air photograph of Vickers Vincent K4712 of 8 Sqn RAF

The Vickers Vildebeest and the similar Vickers Vincent were two very large two- to three-seat single-engined British biplanes designed and built by Vickers and used as light bombers, torpedo bombers and in army cooperation roles. First flown in 1928, it remained in service at the start of the Second World War, with the last Vildebeests flying against Japanese forces over Singapore and Java in 1942.

In 1931, Vickers designed as a private venture a General Purpose version of the Vildebeest to replace the RAF's Westland Wapitis and Fairey IIIFs, supporting the Army in the Middle East. Successful trials were conducted in the Middle East, Sudan and East Africa with a converted Vildebeest I in the General Purpose role during 1932"1933, and Specification 16/34 was drawn up based on the three man Vildebeest, which was named the Vickers Vincent: differences from the Vildebeest were minimal (the first production Vincent was converted from a Vildebeest MkII), principally removal of torpedo equipment, provision for an auxiliary fuel tank, message-pick-up and pyrotechnic signalling gear.

Powered by a 660 hp (490 kW) Bristol Pegasus IIM3, the Vincent was unveiled to the general public for the first time at the 1935 RAF flying display at Hendon, but deliveries had already been made to No. 8 Squadron at Aden in late 1934. Between 1934 and 1936, 197 Vincents were built for or converted from Vildebeests for the RAF. Wikipedia

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General BAE Systems Heritage - RAF general purpose biplane developed from the Vickers Vildebeest

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1943-March-13 KIFA RCAF Warrant Officer 2nd Class Ronald Winfred Harbottle 2023-07-19

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