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Vigil (Canadian: 1 )

Canadian Vickers Vigil

Source: Harold A Skaarup Web Page (RCAF Photo)
Canadian Vickers Vigil, RCAF Reg. No. G-CYZW, on skis

The Canadian Vickers Vigil was a single-seat patrol aircraft designed to meet a Royal Canadian Air Force requirement for a forest fire patrol aircraft.

In 1926, the RCAF issued specifications for an aircraft to replace the Airco DH.4 aircraft used at the time. Canadian Vickers designed the Vigil which had steel-structured wings with aluminum skin throughout, and was a strut-braced sesquiplane. The aircraft was overweight, which impacted the aircraft service ceiling and performance, which in turn made it unsuitable for its role. Only one was ever built.

Unfit for its intended role, the aircraft was sent to Rockcliffe Air Station in Ottawa, Ontario. It was used by pilots stationed there for proficiency flying. The aircraft was used for airmail deliveries to Maritime Canada between January 1929 until February 1929. About a year later, the need for repair and overhaul became necessary and after assessment it was determined this was not cost effective, so the aircraft was scrapped. Wikipedia

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Vigil G‑CYZW

 CV 44

Known Squadron Assignments:

Only Vigil built. Designed for forestry patrols to Specification C/11/26. Intended to replace DH.4s then used for these patrols. Taken on strength 11 April 1928. Poor high altitude performance due to being overweight, but good flying qualities. Company trials at Cartierville through summer of 1928. Based at RCAF Rockcliffe for general duties. Air mail trials in Maritimes 1929. last update: 2024-February-19
   1928-March-12 First Flight First flight, on skiis, from St. Hubert by S/L R. S. Grandy and F/L A. Ferrer. 2019-08-20
   1928-April-11 Taken on Strength 2022-02-07
   1930-November-03 Struck off Strength Struck off, because of need for repairs and overhaul. 2019-08-20
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