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Velos (Canadian: 1 )

Canadian Vickers Velos

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Canadian Vickers Velos

The Canadian Vickers Velos was a 1927 Canadian twin-engined float-equipped sesquiplane designed and built by Canadian Vickers Limited. Designed for survey work, it proved difficult to fly and only one was built. Wikipedia

Definition: sesquiplane = a biplane having one wing with not more than half the surface area of the other wing.

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RCAF On Strength (1)
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Velos G‑CYZX

 CV 45

Known Squadron Assignments:

Only Velos built. Found to be very overweight and c.g. estimate wrong. Required modifications delayed first flight until 18 July 1928. Designed to Government spec for photo survey, spec changed midway during development. A quote from the RCAF test report: "It is considered that this aircraft is most unsuitable for any operation carried out in the RCAF." Later found that wind tunnel model had been inaccurate (fuselage longer than as-built), leading to serious stability and control problems. K. M. Molsen called it "the worst aircraft built in Canada". last update: 2024-February-19
   1927-November-18 Taken on Strength 2022-02-07
   1928-November-30 Struck off Strength 2022-02-07
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