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Junior Speedmail (Canadian: 2 )

Stearman Junior Speedmail

Junior Speedmail, CF-CCH, Controller of Civil Aviation, Oct 1934.
(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3642967)
(Source Harold A Skaarup Web Page)

The Stearman 4 is an American commercial biplane that was manufactured in the 1920s by Stearman Aircraft. They were marketed at the time as fast and luxurious executive transports and mail planes for about US$16,000.

Stearman Aircraft developed the Model 4 from the C3, adding a deeper fuselage and offering a range of more powerful engines. These features enabled the Model 4 to carry heavier cargo loads. Being larger than the C3, but smaller than the M-2 and LT-1 models, it filled a gap in the Stearman product line. Designer Lloyd Stearman said that it was the best airplane he ever designed. Heaters were provided for both cockpits.

In Canada, Trans-Canada Air Lines (later Air Canada) bought one Stearman HEM - CF-ASM and two L10a Cf-AZY, CF-BAF from Canadian Airways for pilot training and surveying new routes and were used from 1937 to 1939. One of them was sold in March 1939. Wikipedia

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Junior Speedmail CF‑CCG


Known Squadron Assignments:

Used by Director of Civil Aviation. Hit soft spot while landing at Salmon Arm, BC on 1 May 1934. Kept as spares for CF-CCH. last update: 2024-February-19
   1934-May-01 Accident Crash Crashed, see comments. 2019-08-20
📙 JA Griffin (2005:Smith, Castle): 1968 615

Junior Speedmail CF‑CCH

 4C / 4D

Known Squadron Assignments:

Used by Director of Civil Aviation. Converted to Model 4D in August 1934, when Wright Whirlwind was replaced by Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior. Sold to I.M. Coughtry of Westmount, Quebec on 17 June 1939, by which time it had been returned to Model 4C configuration. Re-registered as CF-BSQ on 13 July 1940. Several subsequent owners in Quebec and Ontario. Exported to Charles Babb Inc. of New York in April 1945. last update: 2024-February-19
   1939-June-17 Sold as Surplus Sold, see comments. 2019-08-20
📙 JA Griffin (2005:Smith, Castle): 1968 615

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