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B.E.12 (Canadian: 1 )

Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12

Photo of prototype B.E.12 in RFC service markings taken in 1915/16.
Unknown, probably either a service member of the RFC or an employee of the Royal Aircraft Factory. - Published in : Cheesman, E.F. Fighter Aircraft of the 1914-1918 War, Harleyford, 1960 - and several times before and since that date.

The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12 was a British single-seat aeroplane of The First World War designed at the Royal Aircraft Factory. It was essentially a single-seat version of the B.E.2.

Intended for use as a long-range reconnaissance and bombing aircraft, the B.E.12 was pressed into service as a fighter, in which role it proved disastrously inadequate, mainly due to its very poor manoeuvrability. Wikipedia

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B.E.12 B727


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1918-May-21 KIFA RAF Second-Lieutenant Thomas Farrar 'Tom' Scott Military Medal, 2022-12-20

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