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Hunt, Rowland Edward Brian (Captain)

Interned Prisoner 1915-07-21

Male Head

Birth Date: 1892-05-21 (age 73)

Born: not found - date only

Rowland Hunt & Georgiana Veronica Hunt

Frieda Hunt

7 Sqn- Squadron (RFC)
Service Numbers
Hunt received his RAeC cert. 715 on 1913-12-22 at the Eastbourne School. On 1915-07-21 Hunt undertook a recce over the German lines in Belgium in a RE.5 with Lt. Jackson, as observer. His fuel tank was shot through by ground fire and he came down behind the lines, but managed to land in Holland. He was interned there by the Dutch and was not repatriated until 1918-11-21 when he was allowed to return to England.

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